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Poop is always a funny subject. Some people are just not comfortable talking about it. How often do you go? I am always amazed when people tell me when they go only once every 4-5 days and they say it’s normal. I am like, seriously! That has got to be miserable! It may be a normal pattern but it’s certainly not healthy. You might even want to talk to your doctor.

So, what is considered healthy pooping? It is good when it happens 1-3/day, not too runny and not too hard. When we fail to poop regularly every day, it’s a warning sign that things are not working right. There are many factors that can play into constipation such as lack of fiber, not enough water or exercise, too much stress, medications, or maybe even something more serious, etc. The worst thing is that eventually, these constipation warning signs can turn into bigger problems. Most poop problems are preventable through improving your nutrition/lifestyle choices so you can get your business done.