Does Detox/Cleansing Really Work?

Today is the 7th and final day of my Shaklee Cleanse. On this 7th day, I feel less aches in my body, better able to focus, and have improved energy and digestion.  Let’s not forget to mention that I lost 5 pounds this week! Although my mission was not to lose weight, many choose to cleanse because they want to jumpstart a healthier path.

I wasn’t feeling my best after all the Thanksgiving celebrations. Sound familiar? A healthy cleanse may be just what is needed to feel your best this holiday season. When given the right fuel, our bodies actually have the power to heal themselves. You might just be surprised at how quickly things change after each day of detox.

Let’s talk a little bit about my approach to detox. There are all sorts of “detox” programs out there and it’s hard to know what’s what. Science shows that people who eat more of a whole food/plant-based diet are healthier. So, I look for cleanses that focus on fruits/berries and vegetables/cruciferous because we get most phytonutrients from these foods. It’s a good idea to do a cleanse once or twice a year.  The idea is to get rid of all the junk so we can rest, replenish and restore. 

For the cleanse that I followed, the rules are generally that for one week you may eat only unlimited fruits and vegetables (with a few other guidelines) while also taking a few Shaklee supplements to aid in the healing. I’ll have to admit that even though I am a fruity/veggie girl, it was still tough the first few days! It was hard to feel like I was being told I couldn’t have certain foods – it made me want them even more! I struggled with the self-control, but boy am I glad that I persisted. I really am feeling more energetic, less aches, better digestion and focused!

People choose to detox for different reasons but all in all a cleanse is a great way to reset and reflect on why we want to get to a healthier place. So close to the New Year, you may be thinking that this could be a good way to jump start your New Years Resolutions. That’s a great idea but I also encourage you to consider this today. Consider it a pre-holiday gift to yourself to feel more energized and more focused and to help you feel your best in order to get the most out of this wonderful time of year. With a little self-control, it really is possible to transform and feel better.