Sunday’s leftovers-Cabbage Tacos

What do we do with Sunday’s leftover meat? We don’t like to waste so we try to be creative with our leftovers. You just can’t go wrong with tacos!

2 C. left over shredded pork, beef or chicken (unseasoned)
3/4 C. Red Pepper (chopped)
1/4 C. Onion (chopped)
2 TBPS. Vegetable Broth (I had reserved in the refrigerator from boiling vegetables)
(Heat together for about 10 minutes on stove)

2-3 C. shredded cabbage
2 TBSP Mixture of: white wine vinegar or any favorite balsamic vinegar of choice, 2 tsp of olive oil, salt and pepper

Fresh salsa from your produce department (no canned)
Cheddar Cheese only if you can tolerate dairy (no pre-shredded—this stuff has preservatives)

Heat Gluten-Free Corn Tortillas in a pan on your stove top or oven.

Assemble all together and enjoy!