My Mission is to encourage and educate people toward discovering the healthiest version of themselves through better food and lifestyle choices so that they may feel their best.

~ Jamie DeJong, Holistic Nutritionist

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Group Nutrition Consulting

I partner with businesses and small community groups by leading workshops designed to guide their people on how to better care for themselves so that they may be healthier, happier and more productive.

Personal Nutrition Consulting

I partner with individuals who struggle to maintain healthy nutrition/lifestyle. Considering current nutrition/lifestyle, we work together to build a unique plan, hopefully moving toward more holistic choices.

Massage Therapist Consulting

Do you struggle to maintain a healthy balance? As trained massage therapists, we already have the tools and know what to do but some of us find ourselves with unhealthy habits. Can you relate?

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In Their Words

Jamie creates an environment where it’s fun to learn alongside others. She invites you to share when you want so we can learn – not only from Jamie – but also from others experiences. It was also fun to go to the kitchen and make and try new foods together as a group! We’re all in this together, so having a comfortable atmosphere to learn, grow and share really helps!

E. Marker

Since my holistic nutrition sessions with Jamie, I have a much more balanced approach to food. I’ve had digestive issues for many years (even though I tried to eat well) and was constantly searching for a way to feel better. From the beginning, Jamie was very personable, supportive, and without judgement, which I appreciated! She asked me to track what/when I ate, how it was prepared, and how I felt afterwards (this was really helpful). She had great ideas on foods to eliminate or introduce, and methods of preparation that might be easier on my digestive system – and they were!

Noreen VandeWeerd

“Jamie is relational and real! I appreciate how she weaves scripture into nutrition habits. When I was looking for change and information she was ready with the tools I needed!”


I had never met Jamie prior to attending her “Change Your Diet, Change Your Life” workshop, but I instantly felt warmly welcomed and connected to her. Jamie is obviously knowledgeable and passionate about holistic wellness–taking into account your whole person, and getting to the root of issues so you can feel better. Food can be medicine, and Jamie has lots of ideas for how individuals can take steps in the direction of health by improving the food we put in our bodies.

I was so impressed with Jamie’s willingness to correspond with me outside the classroom setting–she really cares about me and my situation, and I am grateful for that. I think of a sports coach as someone who pushes their players to work harder and reach their potential, but gives them advice and support for reaching those goals. This is what Jamie did for us in the class, and what I know she would do in other settings as well.

If you’re not feeling your best, and you suspect that the food you’re eating might have something to do with it, I hope you will contact Jamie. She will walk alongside you to help you find answers to your questions–sometimes questions you didn’t even know you had!


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